Lottery Security

Security and Integrity

Honesty and integrity are critical to the CT Lottery's success. To ensuring the public’s trust and confidence, the Lottery's Security Department is dedicated to ensure that all who play CT Lottery games have an equal and fair chance of winning.

Lottery Security oversees all aspects of security for the Corporation including:

  • Routine monitoring of Lottery drawings for compliance with regulatory requirements. 

  • Consultations and investigations on reported or suspected incidents involving retailers, consumers, fraudulent activity, public health and safety.

  • Integrity of Lottery drawings and scratch game production.

  • Building safety and emergency management.

  • Providing an independent assessment to Lottery management and the Board of Directors.

Player Protection

You are entitled to certain rights and privileges when you buy or redeem a lottery ticket:

  • Review your purchase. Look over and count your tickets BEFORE leaving the counter to make sure you've received exactly what you ordered.  If needed, speak to the clerk or store manager to resolve any concerns BEFORE leaving the Lottery terminal area. 

  • Retailers are not permitted to sell pre-printed draw tickets. To verify such information, check the time and date stamp on your ticket at the time of purchase. 

  • Sign your ticket.  Lottery tickets are bearer instruments.  Sign the back of your Lottery ticket as soon as you purchase it to establish ownership. 

  • Check your ticket with a ticket checker. Before you present your ticket to a Lottery Retailer for validation, determine on your own whether your ticket is a winner by using a ticket checker first. 

  • Ticket validation. When a Lottery Retailer validates your ticket, the terminal’s monitor will display the amount won on the screen. If your ticket is a winner, you may ask to keep the "PAYOUT" voucher to verify your prize. Once a ticket is cashed it becomes the property of the CT Lottery. To verify that your ticket is not a winner, ask to keep your non-winning ticket and the "NOT A WINNER” voucher that is automatically printed by the terminal when the ticket is validated. Compare the serial number on the voucher to your non-winning ticket for verification. 

  • If you or someone you care about has a gambling problem call 1-888-789-7777 for free, confidential information 24-hours a day, or visit to access Problem Gambling live chat.
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