Lottery Security

Drawing Security

Drawing Methods
Since 1972, thousands of Lottery drawings have been held using reliable and secure methods consistent with industry integrity standards. People are most familiar with our televised drawings that feature traditional air-flow machines filled with ping pong balls to randomly select winning numbers.  A second method uses Random Number Generator (RNG) computer technology for special promotions and drawings. No matter which method is used, the highest level of physical and procedural accuracy is assured.  In the unlikely event of a problem, emergency procedures are always in place.

Lottery drawings are held 365 days a year. Most drawings are broadcast "live" on WCCT-TV so the public may view the actual drawing as it occurs.  Drawings are open to the public, however, Lottery Security clearance is required at least 24 hours prior in order to attend. 

Certification & Regulatory Oversight
All drawings are attended by Lottery Drawing Associates (employed by the CT Lottery) and Lottery Drawing Officers (employed by the Connecticut State Department of Consumer Protection Gaming Division).  Lottery Drawing Officers inspect the equipment selected for the drawing to ensure its integrity. They also observe and record the entire drawing process and certify the drawing to make it "official."

All personnel involved in the production of Lottery drawings must undergo and pass a rigorous background check, conducted by the Connecticut State Department of Consumer Protection Gaming Division.  If at any time there is a question as to the character, integrity or suitability of the person involved with the drawing, they are immediately removed from the drawing process.

Drawing Studio
The studio where televised drawings are conducted has a state-of-the-art physical security system to protect the equipment and related materials involved in the drawing. Studio access is limited to authorized personnel only, on an as-needed basis.

Drawing Process
Drawings are conducted according to approved procedures. Drawings are monitored and regulated at all times during the drawing process to certify and make the results "official." Steps included in every drawing are:

  • Inspection of drawing equipment
  • Pre-drawing randomization tests
  • Rehearsal drawings
  • Actual official drawing
  • Post-drawing randomization tests
  • Post-drawing inspection of drawing equipment
  • Entry of official winning numbers into the computer gaming system
  • Official drawing certification by the Department of Consumer Protection
  • Report of the drawing results to the public 
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