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Connecticut Lottery Corporation Marks $10 Billion Returned to State’s General FundOctober 2, 2019 – Today, the Connecticut Lottery Corporation just crossed the $10 billion threshold for profits returned to the Connecticut General Fund since the CT Lottery’s inception in 1972. These profits continue to provide a significant impact for Connecticut and its residents, benefitting a variety of state services, including Human Services, Education Services, Medicaid and more. 

“The CT Lottery continues to generate significant and reliable proceeds for the State, year after year,” said CT Lottery President and CEO Greg Smith. “The Lottery exists solely to generate revenue for the state of Connecticut, and each day we work diligently to maximize those returns. We hope that in the near future, the CT Lottery is authorized for additional revenue-generating opportunities like sports betting and internet lottery to increase our impact.”

The CT Lottery has generated record returns to the General Fund almost every year, including a total of $370 million in fiscal year 2019 – over $1 million per day. This was an increase of $25 million from last fiscal year. In addition, Lottery sales were up more than 5 percent over the same period last year, with $1.333 billion in total sales. These strong sales and general fund transfers represent the best results ever in the Lottery’s history.



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