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“On the Spot Fun” with Keno Now on Sale StatewideToday, the CT Lottery officially introduced Keno to Connecticut through nearly 2,900 lottery retailers statewide. Keno, a popular lottery game in many states, including New York, Rhode Island and Massachusetts, will help over the next several years to drive the Lottery’s profits, which go directly to the State’s General Fund and have risen steadily over the last six years.

According to Anne M. Noble, President and CEO of the CT Lottery, “The Lottery’s success in recent years is attributable to paying careful attention to what our players want when they choose to gamble. In Connecticut, people like and play a variety of lottery games, with scratch and traditional draw games enjoying many years of success and popularity throughout the state. Keno is an entirely new way to play the lottery, and is a more social way to enjoy lottery games.”

Players and lottery retailers alike have long awaited the sale of Keno in Connecticut. “We welcome restaurants, bars and social establishments to our retailer network as we adopt to this new play style,” said Noble. “Retailers earned over $64.2 million selling lottery in Connecticut last year and Keno is another exciting business opportunity for new and existing lottery retailers.”

Keno is an important growth strategy for the lottery and means the Lottery can continue to fulfill its mission to return gaming revenue to the state in an efficient, responsible and entrepreneurial manner.

Keno is a lottery game that offers a chance to win every four minutes, 7 days a week, while the wagering system is operational. The more numbers matched, the higher the potential prize value. To play Keno, a playslip is completed by the customer who chooses 1 - 10 “spots” (numbers from 1 - 80), or selects a Quick Pick. Customers choose how much to wager on each game, and the number of consecutive games to play. A BONUS MULTIPLIER option can be added for a chance to win bigger prizes.

Of the 2,900 lottery retailers, approximately 300 presently have Keno monitors so that customers can view Keno drawing results. Viewing the draw results on the monitor is a fun way for customers to play Keno, though players can also use the Lottery’s Mobile App or ticket checkers to see if they won.

The CT Lottery’s Mobile App can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. Ticket checkers are available at all CT Lottery retailers.



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