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Introducing the CT Lottery’s New “5 Card Cash” Draw Game—1 Ticket, 2 Games to Win!Sunday, May 4th marks the start of a new CT Lottery draw game, 5 Card Cash.  ONE ticket, with TWO games to win!  The card themed game costs just $2 each, is easy to play, and requires no card playing skills or poker knowledge.

How to Play 5 Card Cash:

• 5 Card Cash draw tickets are “Quick Pick” only, so no playslips are needed.  Simply ask your lottery retailer for a ticket, and you are in the game!

• When you buy your 5 Card Cash ticket, check it IMMEDIATELY!  Each ticket includes a hand of 5 randomly selected playing card symbols from a standard deck of 52 cards.  

• If the hand on your ticket matches one of the 10 winning hands for the game, you’re an Instant Winner—up to $5,555!

• If you cash your 5 Card Cash “Instant Win” ticket immediately, you’ll receive an exchange ticket from the retailer with the same cards to hold onto for the next daily Drawing.  Or, you can wait until after the Drawing to cash your ticket.

• To win again, use your same 5 Card Cash ticket to match the cards in the daily Drawing at 1:57pm.  

• Match 3 or more of the cards in the 5 Card Cash daily drawing, and you could win up to $255,555!  

The overall odds of winning any 5 Card Cash prize are 1 in 4.1.  The Instant Win overall odds are 1 in 4.2.  Daily Drawing overall odds are 1 in 235.3.  The top Drawing prize is subject to split prize liability and may be lower than shown.



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