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Jumbo Bucks Progressive
CT Lottery’s New "Fast Play" Progressive Game Creates First Jackpot WinnerLucky three-number match with Progressive Jackpot Prize pays out $120,887

ROCKY HILL, CT / July 27, 2020 – That was fast! On July 25, just five days after the CT Lottery launched its new Fast Play "Jumbo Bucks" progressive jackpot game, one lucky ticket holder matched all three of their numbers within the same game and instantly won the $120,887 progressive jackpot.

The first $5 Fast Play top prize-winning ticket, which won 100% of the $120,887 jackpot, was purchased at Amodeo's Highland Package Store located at 642 Highland Avenue, Waterbury. Another lucky player won a smaller $16,317 jackpot on a $1 ticket on July 23. A win on a $1 ticket equals 20% of the progressive jackpot; a $2 ticket win is equal to 40% of the progressive jackpot; and a winning $5 ticket gets 100% of the progressive jackpot.

“The Fast Play Progressive Jackpot games had a very successful first week, with better than expected sales,” said Greg Smith, President and CEO of the Connecticut Lottery Corporation. “It was great to see two jackpot wins occur in the first week – one at the $1 price point, and the second a $5 price point win – allowing players to see how the jackpot grows and resets based on the amount of the win.  We are very happy for those lucky winners and look forward to seeing many more.”

Fast Play progressive games are a series (or family) of games that all share the same name, appearance and playstyle, but are available at different price points (wager amounts). The first family of games is “Jumbo Bucks,” and is available at the $1, $2, and $5 price points. There are no numbers to pick, no play slip needed and no drawings. Each game in a family contributes to ONE progressive jackpot that grows with ticket sales, until someone wins. Fast Play tickets are printed on-demand from any CT Lottery retailer terminal or self-serve CT Lottery vending machine.

Players with winning Fast Play tickets have 180 calendar days from the date of purchase to collect their winnings. 

For selling the $5 Fast Play jackpot-winning ticket, Amodeo's Highland Package Store will receive a $1,209 selling bonus from the CT Lottery.

The overall odds of winning a Fast Play "Jumbo Bucks Progressive" prize are 1 in 3.42. The odds of winning the progressive top prize are 1 in 166,666.67.  Odds vary by and during game. For more information on Fast Play, visit

About CT Lottery:

Lottery sales benefit Connecticut's residents in valuable ways. In fiscal year 2020, players won more than $822 million in prize money and Retailers earned more than $73 million in commissions. At the same time, the CT Lottery provided $348 million to support the valuable services and programs funded by the state’s General Fund including public health, libraries, public safety, education and more.  Since the Lottery began in 1972, our contributions to the General Fund have exceeded $10 billion.

The CT Lottery reminds the public that purchasers must be 18 or older.  If you gamble, use your GameSense.  For information about the CT Lottery, stop by any CT Lottery retailer, visit CTLOTTERY.ORG, join us on Facebook (, Instagram (, Twitter (, or call (860) 713-2700.

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