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Changes Coming to Powerball and Mega Millions after Current Jackpots are Won

ROCKY HILL, CT / April 7, 2020 – Changes are on the way for the national Powerball and Mega Millions games after the next time each jackpot is won. The current jackpots sit at $190 million for Powerball, and $127 for Mega Millions.

Both Powerball and Mega Millions previously had minimum starting jackpots of $40 Million following a jackpot win; both games will now have a $20 Million reset minimum once a jackpot is won.  Both games will also change the minimum increment amount after each jackpot roll; subsequent jackpot increases will be based on sales.

The changes were approved by the national organizations that operate the Powerball and Mega Millions games on behalf of state lotteries, and are necessary to ensure that ticket sales support the prizes offered in each game. Both changes are allowed under the rules for the games, and will go into effect no later than April 11, 2020.

In an effort to address fairness to players, “advance action” tickets that were purchased under the previously advertised minimum jackpots, the CT Lottery will offer refunds to players who purchased advanced action Powerball and/or Mega Millions tickets before the jackpots were hit. Anyone holding an advance action ticket purchased prior to the next jackpot reset with remaining draws is eligible for a refund. Please click HERE to for the Powerball/Mega Millions refund form or call our Claims Department at (860) 713-2680 with any questions about requesting a refund.

The coming updates are necessary to keep the promise of paying all prizes. In many states, consumers are now following recommendations to shelter in place due to the coronavirus outbreak, and some retail locations are non-essential or have shorter operating hours. No decision has been made on how long the changes will be in place.

About CT Lottery:
Lottery sales benefit Connecticut's residents in valuable ways. In fiscal year 2019, players won nearly $823 million in prize money and Retailers earned more than $74 million in commissions. At the same time, the CT Lottery provided $370 million to support the valuable services and programs funded by the state’s General Fund including public health, libraries, public safety, education and more.  Since the Lottery began in 1972, our contributions to the General Fund have exceeded $10 billion.

The CT Lottery reminds the public that purchasers must be 18 or older.  If you gamble, use your GameSense.  For information about the CT Lottery, stop by any CT Lottery retailer, visit CTLOTTERY.ORG, join us on Facebook (, Instagram (, Twitter (, or call (860) 713-2700.



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