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Guaranteed Winners Make Newest Draw Game a "$1,000,000 Super Draw 2"!Buy a ticket for "$1,000,000 Super Draw 2" and you could celebrate Independence Day 2011 as a lottery millionaire!  It could happen if the numbers on your ticket match the lucky numbers that will be selected in "$1,000,000 Super Draw 2" on July 4, 2011.  

"Super Draw" sales began today and will continue until July 3, 2011 or whenever the game's supply of tickets – just 275,000 – are sold out.    

"The limit of 275,000 tickets for Super Draw is one of the unique characteristics of this draw-style game," noted Anne M. Noble, President and CEO of the Connecticut Lottery Corporation.  "Super Draw currently offers the best odds of winning $1,000,000 in a CT Lottery game, and assures that a $1,000,000 prize winning ticket will be drawn on July 4, 2011.  We expect Super Draw will be a sell-out and a winning experience for lottery enthusiasts." 

Based on game sell-out, the overall odds to win one of the 1,311 guaranteed prizes in the game are a favorable 1 in 210.  To win the $1,000,000 top prize, odds are 1 in 275,000, which are the best ever offered in a CT Lottery game.

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