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CT Lottery Reinstates Cashing for 5 Card Cash Game Winning Tickets The Connecticut Lottery Corporation today announced the resumption of cashing of winning tickets for the 5 Card Cash draw game, which was suspended last week as a result of alleged manipulation of lottery terminals by some retailers. The Department of Consumer Protection has approved the cashing of tickets for the game.

Customers can cash prizes of $599 or less at lottery retailers. Prizes valued from $600 - $5,000 can be cashed at High-Tier Claim Centers. All prizes larger than $5,000 must be presented to Lottery Headquarters in Rocky Hill. The “Free Ticket” prize in the 5 Card Cash game will be paid in cash. Any person with a question about cashing should call the Lottery at 860-713-2700. 

Sales of 5 Card Cash will not resume at this time. The Department of Consumer Protection is investigating the retailers alleged to have manipulated the lottery’s terminals so they could produce an instant winning 5 Card Cash ticket. The Lottery will consider options for the game in the future. No other games were affected.



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