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New Haven County Sells $255,555 Top Prize Ticket for Sept. 11th “5 Card Cash” Drawing!Yesterday’s 5 Card Cash daily drawing resulted in a $255,555 top prize match for one lucky lottery winner who purchased their ticket in New Haven County.  Check your tickets…it could be yours!

The winning 5 Card Cash card symbols drawn on September 11th were: 5C - KS - KH - 9S - AS (5 of Clubs, King of Spades, King of Hearts, 9 of Spades, Ace of Spades).

In addition to the single $255,555 top winning prize, 375 tickets for that date contained a match for prizes ranging from $20 to $555. A total of 20,302 tickets also contained “Instant Win” prizes ranging from a $2 (free ticket) to $555.

Since ticket sales began for 5 Card Cash on May 4, over 3,000,000 winning tickets have been sold to date, including 7 top prize winning tickets for $255,555.

Updated 09/17/14:  Raza Sabahat of Milford claimed the $255,555 top drawing prize for the 5 Card Cash drawing held on September 11, 2014. His winning ticket was purchased at The News Den of Milford.



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