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“New Year’s $1,000,000 Super Draw” Creates First CT Lottery Millionaire for 2013!The CT Lottery’s “New Year’s $1,000,000 Super Draw” game has created Connecticut’s first lottery millionaire of the year!

The single New Year’s $1,000,000 Super Draw top prize ticket number selected was: 111163.

The Lottery does not know the identity of the winner.  Draw tickets expire 180 days from their draw date.  Tickets for New Year’s $1,000,000 Super Draw will expire on June 30, 2013.

The ten $20,000 second-prize ticket numbers were:  108642, 138784, 142332, 301180, 306903, 317946, 318257, 347043, 366262 and 369377.

The remaining 1,300 winning Super Draw ticket numbers for third and fourth-tier prizes of $1,000 and $100 each were also selected.  

A complete list of all 1,311 winning ticket numbers is available here.  Super Draw tickets can also be scanned in a lottery Ticket Checker at any lottery retailer location.

Winning ticket numbers are listed on the CT Lottery web site by prize category in ascending order.   The site includes a “search” function that allows players to enter their six-digit ticket numbers and receive a response indicating if the ticket holds a winning combination.  Ticket numbers must be in “exact order” drawn to win.

The $1,000,000 top prize and $20,000 second-tier prizes must be claimed by presenting a winning ticket at CT Lottery headquarters, 777 Brook Street, Rocky Hill.  The game’s fifty $1,000 prizes can be claimed at High-Tier Claim Centers, and $100 prizes can be claimed at any CT Lottery retailer.



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