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Christopher Schaffner celebrates his Cash5 top prize.
Cos Cob House Painter Has a Stroke of Luck with $100,000 Lottery Win
July 06, 2017 -- “What a way to start the weekend,” Christopher Schaffner exclaimed when he won a $100,000 Cash5 top prize!  It all started when Schaffner grabbed some food at a local deli.  “The [CT Lottery retailer] was right next to it, so I said, ‘You know what?  I’ll buy some tickets!’”  The lucky Cos Cob resident purchased two Lucky for Life® tickets and one Cash5 ticket that just so happened to be a winner!

All five of Schaffner’s Quick Pick numbers were a perfect match to the winning numbers drawn on June 29, 2017: 4 – 15 – 20 – 29 – 32.  In total, 3,044 winning tickets were sold statewide, with prizes ranging in value from $2 to $100,000.

“5 days ago, I won $300 on Cash5 and this time was much better than $300!” Schaffner said with a smile.  “The numbers looked familiar—I checked them this morning.”  

Schaffner works hard as a house painter and plays Lottery games during his breaks.  With his newfound winnings, he looks to take an extended break, visit family, and take a vacation.  “My family is in Florida, it will be great to see them and take care of my sister and mom. After that maybe go back to Italy.  It was one of the best experiences ever.”   

As Schaffner received his winning check, he let out a small sigh and smiled, “It all worked out!”  

For selling the winning ticket, Cos Cob Stationary located on 228 Post Road in Cos Cob will receive a $1,000 bonus check from the CT Lottery.

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