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The winning stories and photos on these pages are just a small number of the thousands who claim prizes. The fact is, everyday people win every day with the CT Lottery! Below is a list of recent winners who have claimed prizes worth $10,000 or more.

Please Note: When a winning scratch ticket is validated through a Lottery Retailer’s terminal, the remaining number of unclaimed prizes is automatically updated reflecting one less prize. Until the individual or group presents their winning ticket for claim at CT Lottery Headquarters, the identity of a winner is unknown.
08/23/2019 Sharena Yopp
New Britain, CT
Stop & Shop #645
New Britain
10X Cash 13Th Edition $10,000
08/22/2019 Robert Morange
Stamford, CT
Belltown Variety
20X Cash 4Th Edition $20,000
08/22/2019 Brian Reid
Stonington, CT
Vfw Mystic
Keno $10,004
08/21/2019 Ricardo Perez Jr
Norwalk, CT
North Main Convenience LLC
Play4 Night $10,000
08/21/2019 Jamie Desjardins
Wallingford, CT
Wallingford Gulf
$500,000 Extreme Cash $25,000
08/21/2019 Charles Bediako
Cherry Hill, NJ
Maganti Oil Energy Inc
Play4 Day $11,250
08/20/2019 Deshone Dimbo
Stratford, CT
Snaxx Plus
30X Cash 6Th Edition $30,000
08/20/2019 Philip Todaro Jr
Kensington, CT
C & C Wine & Spirits
Pinball Wizard Xxii $50,000
08/20/2019 Christina Morris
Middletown, CT
C & C Wine & Spirits
Pinball Wizard Xxii $50,000
08/19/2019 James Dubois
Bristol, CT
Happy Harrys Wine & Liq Wrhse
Money $25,000
08/19/2019 Donald Aguzzi Jr
North Branford, CT
Branford Gulf
10X Cash 13Th Edition $10,000
08/19/2019 Richard Schultz
Terryville, CT
Thomaston Xtra Mart
20X Cash 4Th Edition $10,000
08/19/2019 Patrick Mccusker
Tolland, CT
Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Club
Play4 Day $20,000
08/16/2019 Paul Mccraven
Cheshire, CT
Dixwell Gulf
20X Cash 4Th Edition $20,000
08/16/2019 Peter Papadopoulos
East Haven, CT
Branford News & Variety
Keno $10,000
08/16/2019 Josephine Onofrio
Cheshire, CT
One Stop
Keno $10,008
08/16/2019 Donnie Farmer
Windsor Locks, CT
On The Go Valero
West Hartford
20X Cash 4Th Edition $20,000
08/16/2019 Elita Demars
Middletown, CT
East Main St Irving
$100,000 Cashword 9 $100,000
08/16/2019 Lorenzo Voira
East Haven, CT
Cumberland Farms #4738
10X Cash 13Th Edition $10,000
08/16/2019 Herbert Erskine
Danielson, CT
Super Stop & Shop #697
10X Cash 13Th Edition $10,000
08/16/2019 Thomas Jagelka
Wilton, CT
Wheels Of Ct #45
10X Cash 13Th Edition $10,000
08/16/2019 Jason Hand
Danbury, CT
Black Gold Ent LLC
Play 2 $30,000
08/15/2019 Louis Kural
Riverside, CT
Zyn Stationery
Mega Millions $10,000
08/15/2019 Christine Devine
Colchester, CT
Valero Colchester
20X Cash 4Th Edition $10,000
08/14/2019 Michael Civitillo
Ivoryton, CT
786 Newington Grocery LLC
20X Cash 4Th Edition $20,000
08/14/2019 William Scollin
Shelton, CT
719 Post Rd Milford LLC
Cash5 $100,000
08/14/2019 Patrick Smith
Blue Bell, PA
Stop & Shop #648
New Haven
Diamond Doubler $20,000
08/14/2019 Cynthia Mckenna
Waterbury, CT
Sams Food Store
30X Cash 6Th Edition $30,000
08/14/2019 Alfred Mascola
East Haven, CT
A&N Deli
East Haven
$100,000 Cashword 9 $100,000
08/14/2019 Anthony Basilica
New London, CT
Ocean Discount Wine & Spirit L
New London
30X Cash 6Th Edition $30,000
08/13/2019 Richard Hostetler
Watertown, CT
Labonne And Sons
10X Cash 13Th Edition $10,000
08/13/2019 Kenneth Omerhi
Springfield, MA
Fas Mart #305
Cash5 $100,000
08/12/2019 Jacqueline Baisley Boucher
New Milford, CT
Xpress Fuel
New Milford
$100,000 Cashword 9 $10,000
08/12/2019 Ana Guzman
Ansonia, CT
One Stop News & Deli
Money Bag Multiplier $50,000
08/12/2019 Gregory Sims
Canton, CT
Canton Citgo Quik Mart
20X Cash 4Th Edition $20,000
08/09/2019 Sandra Ward
Melbourne, FL
Stop & Shop #603
Run The Table $25,000
08/09/2019 Raymond Carlson
Stratford, CT
7-Eleven Store #33320
30X Cash 6Th Edition $10,000
08/08/2019 Joan Bevington
Bethel, CT
Snz Enterprises LLC
New Milford
10X Cash 13Th Edition $10,000
08/07/2019 Ruth Lataille
East Hartland, CT
Luckey Star LLC
Spicy 7S $77,777
08/07/2019 Ronald Morales
Stamford, CT
Al's Convenience
Money $250,000
08/07/2019 Sean Pitt
New Haven, CT
Westport Amoco Inc
20X Cash 4Th Edition $10,000
08/07/2019 Christopher Brown
Cromwell, CT
Ghezzis Market
10X Cash 13Th Edition $10,000
08/06/2019 Janice Bohan
Barefoot Bay, FL
Stop & Shop #687
$100,000 Cashword 9 $10,000
08/06/2019 James Floyd Jr
Oakdale, CT
Sully's Mobil Mart
New London
30X Cash 6Th Edition $10,000
08/05/2019 Luz George
Norwalk, CT
E & M Park Fuels Inc
Mega Money 25Th Edition $20,000
08/05/2019 Robert Huntington Jr
Danbury, CT
Jm Food & Grocery LLC
30X Cash 6Th Edition $10,000
08/05/2019 Sylvia Tosun
Wolcott, CT
Greenwich Bp
Old Greenwich
10X Cash 13Th Edition $10,000
08/02/2019 Frederick Timothy Geier
Milford, CT
Milford Gas
Powerball $50,000
08/02/2019 Robert Case
Manchester, CT
Nanglo Bazar
$100,000 Cashword 9 $10,000
08/02/2019 Christina Costa
Old Saybrook, CT
Henny Penny Saybrook 30
Old Saybrook
Find The 5S $25,000

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New Haven Teacher Wins $30,000 Top Prize Twice in the Same Month
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Trumbull Man Wins $20,000 Top Prize — TWICE — Same Day, Same Lottery Retailer
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Christmas Day Millionaires Claim $3 Million-Prize Winning Mega Millions Ticket
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Stamford Man Wins $20,000 Keno Prize with Bonus Multiplier
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Prospect Woman Takes Friendly Advice, Wins $20,000
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Milford Winner Recounts Whirlwind Year and Appearance on HGTV's "My Lottery Dream Home"
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Bridgeport Woman's Win is a Real Life-Changer
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$100,000 Prize Comes at Just the Right Time
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Branford Mom Chooses to "Smile Anyway" with $10,000 Prize
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West Haven High School Custodian Cleans Up with $25,000 Top Prize
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22-Year-Old Waitress Wins $30,000 Prize in Historic Mega Millions Jackpot Drawing
Winner Image 17
Redding Resident Claims $1,000,000 Powerball® Prize for May 2 Drawing
Winner Image 18
22-Year-Old Grad Receives “Token Gift” Worth $2,000 Every Month for the Rest of Her Life
Winner Image 19
“The Lottery Club” of Fairfield Claims $2 Million Mega Millions® Prize
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