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The winning stories and photos on these pages are just a small number of the thousands who claim prizes. The fact is, everyday people win every day with the CT Lottery! Below is a list of recent winners who have claimed prizes worth $10,000 or more.

Please Note: When a winning scratch ticket is validated through a Lottery Retailer’s terminal, the remaining number of unclaimed prizes is automatically updated reflecting one less prize. Until the individual or group presents their winning ticket for claim at CT Lottery Headquarters, the identity of a winner is unknown.
02/19/2019 Anousack Pharattanavong
Windsor Locks, CT
Stop & Shop #2605
Play4 Night $10,000
02/19/2019 Andi Dhimitri
Manchester, CT
Play4 Night $10,000
02/19/2019 Steve Rumanoff
Guilford, CT
Mokbil Food Mart
Money $25,000
02/19/2019 Joanne Ramik
Milford, CT
Food Fare
30X Cash 5Th Edition $30,000
02/19/2019 Paul Gruszecki
Newington, CT
786 Newington Grocery LLC
Play4 Night $15,624
02/19/2019 Madeline Pinches
Wethersfield, CT
Bloomfield Shell
30X Cash 5Th Edition $30,000
02/15/2019 Dennis Mullings
Bloomfield, CT
Bloomfield Shell
Play4 Day $12,708
02/15/2019 Angel Colon Torres
Willimantic, CT
East Brook Ultra LLC
Mansfield Center
Cashword 26 $25,000
02/15/2019 Frank Capponi
Southbury, CT
Main St Convenience
Sparkle Play $33,333
02/15/2019 William Mclean Jr
Newtown, CT
Main St Convenience
Sparkle Play $33,333
02/15/2019 Mary Canvin
Bethel, CT
Main St Convenience
Sparkle Play $33,333
02/15/2019 Richard Ortiz
East Haven, CT
Royal Mart Inc
10X Cash 13Th Edition $10,000
02/15/2019 Michael Suraci
Branford, CT
Bp Food Mart
20X Cash 4Th Edition $20,000
02/15/2019 Bernard Hoyland
Marlborough, CT
Marlborough Wine & Spirits
Bingo $20,000
02/14/2019 Matthew Goodkin
North Haven, CT
Big Y World Class Mkt #77
North Haven
Cash5 $100,000
02/14/2019 Patricia Ralston
Northford, CT
Absolute Liquors
North Branford
Keno $10,000
02/14/2019 Grazyna Blasiak
Bristol, CT
Gala News
Keno $10,000
02/14/2019 Tanya Goulart
Andover, CT
Cumberland Farms #4764
$100,000 Cashword 9 $10,000
02/13/2019 Paul Saffioti
Northford, CT
Sam's Food Store
North Haven
Cash5 $100,000
02/13/2019 Tracey Moderacki
Bristol, CT
Scotts Village Mobil
Keno $10,000
02/13/2019 Donald Ormrod Jr
West Haven, CT
Oceanview Fine Wine & Spirits
West Haven
$5,000,000 Ultimate $10,000
02/13/2019 Christopher Ivanoff
Wallingford, CT
20X Cash 4Th Edition $20,000
02/13/2019 Oscar Jimenez
New Britain, CT
Farmingdale Liquors
New Britain
$100,000 Cashword 9 $100,000
02/11/2019 Jorge Rodriguez
Ansonia, CT
Family Mobil LLC
10X Cash 12Th Edition $10,000
02/11/2019 Lisa Zadora
North Windham, CT
West Market LLC
30X Cash 5Th Edition $10,000
02/11/2019 Kristopher Brooks
North Haven, CT
S And F Grocers LLC
Powerball $250,000
02/11/2019 Guiselle Elizondo
Sherman, CT
Dada Deli
Keno $25,000
02/11/2019 Cheila Dossantos
Bridgeport, CT
Smart Foods Of Darien
30X Cash 5Th Edition $30,000
02/11/2019 Anthony Beach
Painter, VA
Gulf Mart
20X Cash 4Th Edition $20,000
02/08/2019 Thomas Martino
Wallingford, CT
Pramukh Foodmart
Triple Your Luck $30,000
02/08/2019 Maritza Betanco
Southbury, CT
Super Stop & Shop #621
Super Cashword 20 $50,000
02/07/2019 Sergio Diaz Santiago
Bridgeport, CT
Glenbrook News & Variety
Keno $15,750
02/06/2019 Nico Gavrielidis
Norwalk, CT
Moe's Corner Store Variety
Mega Millions $10,000
02/06/2019 Nicholas Salerno
Naugatuck, CT
Cross Point Convenience LLC
Blackjack Supreme $50,000
02/05/2019 Shilo Megill
Northford, CT
Sam's Food Store
North Haven
10X Cash 13Th Edition $10,000
02/05/2019 Michael Cohen
East Hampton, CT
Kd Food Mart
20X Cash 4Th Edition $20,000
02/05/2019 Mary Alice Knapp
Monroe, CT
Windmill Tavern
Keno $25,020
02/05/2019 Cecilia Laraway
Waterbury, CT
Dada Deli
Mega Millions $10,000
02/05/2019 Alan Wheeler
Torrington, CT
Sunoco Food Mart
Play4 Night $100,000
02/05/2019 Judith Stellato
Wallingford, CT
No Haven Citgo
North Haven
Play4 Night $10,000
02/05/2019 Lucia Morel
New Haven, CT
Maple Deli Mini Market
10X Cash 13Th Edition $10,000
02/05/2019 Marie Munsie
Suffield, CT
Stevies Little Store
$100,000 Cashword 9 $10,000
02/04/2019 Trang Saunders
Stamford, CT
Crossroads Card And Gift
Powerball $50,000
02/04/2019 Joy Stamour
Portland, CT
Chicago Sams
Keno $20,004
02/04/2019 Joanne Ramik
Milford, CT
Sure Mart
10X Cash 13Th Edition $10,000
02/04/2019 Victor Falcon
Stratford, CT
Lucky Discount Liquor
Play4 Night $17,604
02/04/2019 Peter Hayes
Greenfield, MA
Stop & Shop #653
5X The Money 11Th Edition $50,000
02/01/2019 Austin Abe
Milford, CT
Wheels Of Ct #37
Prize Line $30,000
02/01/2019 Christmas 2018 Revocable Trust
Bristol, CT
Avenue News
Mega Millions $750,000
02/01/2019 Christmas 2018 2 Revocable Trust
Plainville, CT
Avenue News
Mega Millions $750,000

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West Haven High School Custodian Cleans Up with $25,000 Top Prize
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22-Year-Old Waitress Wins $30,000 Prize in Historic Mega Millions Jackpot Drawing
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Redding Resident Claims $1,000,000 Powerball® Prize for May 2 Drawing
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22-Year-Old Grad Receives “Token Gift” Worth $2,000 Every Month for the Rest of Her Life
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“The Lottery Club” of Fairfield Claims $2 Million Mega Millions® Prize
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All It Took to Win $100,000 was “22 years, 2 months, 18 days, 12 hours and 28 minutes”
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A Case of Blurry Vision Gives Hartford Man the Surprise of a Lifetime
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Being Forgetful Pays Off Big for Torrington Resident, Wins $200,000 Prize
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Retired Postal Worker Discovers Eight Extra Letters Worth $25,000
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‘I’m Going Fishing!’ Stratford Man Reels in $5 Million Mega Millions® Prize
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Dessert Stop Leads to a Sweet ‘$2,000 a Month For Life’ Payout
Winner Image 19
Couple Celebrating Anniversary Strikes 'Gold' with $500,000 Win
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