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Kathleen Wentworth wins CT Lottery’s Lucky for Life® annuity prize of a lifetime
Winner:Kathleen Wentworth, Colchester
Claim Date:
Prize:$25,000 a year for LIFE
Stop & Shop #608, Colchester
Colchester Resident Begins New Year with a $25,000 a Year for Life Prize Winning Combination!One day after the New Year began, Kathleen Wentworth of Colchester woke up to an early morning discovery of a lifetime.  Kathleen plucked two lottery tickets off of her refrigerator where they were hanging, and logged onto the Lottery’s website to check the winning numbers for January 1.

“The first ticket I checked was a Cash5. It wasn’t a winner. But, when checked the first three Lucky for Life numbers, I saw that mine were a match,” Kathleen said. “Then I checked the next two numbers—they matched, too. I thought maybe I won $300, until I saw the prize payouts. There was one winning ticket for $25,000 a year for life—and it was mine.”

The winning Lucky for Life numbers on January 1, 2015 were 7-8-17-31-43 with the Lucky Ball number of 8. Kathleen’s “Quick Pick” ticket missed the Lucky Ball number, but for matching the first 5 numbers drawn, she was rewarded with the game’s second highest “For Life” prize, $25,000 a year for life.

“At 4:00 in the morning, I thought I must be dreaming,” Kathleen told lottery officials with a laugh.

Kathleen’s Lucky for Life match brings the total number of lifetime wins in New England to 49, with 17 of them located in Connecticut. Across the six New England states where “Lucky” is sold, 33,845 winning tickets were sold on January 1, including 10,176 in Connecticut.

“This is all like a dream,” Kathleen said just before she received the first of many $25,000 annual prize checks (the prize value before taxes) for the rest of her life. The minimum guaranteed amount Kathleen could receive is $500,000 ($25,000 a year for 20 years), but winners who live longer than that will receive prize payments for the remainder of their natural life. “I’m going to pay some bills and start car shopping!”

Kathleen’s winning Lucky for Life ticket was purchased at Stop & Shop #608 at 99 Linwood Avenue in Colchester. For selling the ticket, Stop & Shop will receive a $2,500 bonus check from the CT Lottery.


The winning names, stories and photos on this website are just a small number of the thousands who claim prizes. The fact is, people win every day with the CT Lottery! Below is a list of recently claimed prizes of $10,000 or more. Please Note: When a winning scratch ticket is validated through a Lottery Retailer's terminal, the remaining number of unclaimed prizes for that prize level is automatically updated reflecting one less prize. Until the individual or group presents their winning ticket for claim at CT Lottery Headquarters, the identity of a winner is unknown.


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