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We want you to make sensible choices about how and when you play the lottery.  Our GameSense program is designed to help you enjoy the lottery responsibly – with your "GameSense."  Please share your GameSense with friends and family.

Use your . It just makes sense.
GameSense is an innovative and comprehensive responsible gambling strategy that uses a fun and positive approach to give you factual information needed to play responsibly, make informed choices and connect with resources should you need help.
  • Know the facts before you play.  The good news is that luck isn’t against you. In fact, luck has nothing to do with whether you win or lose. There’s no way to predict the outcome of the game — it’s completely random.  The simple truth is that the only thing you can count on is unpredictability.

  • What are the odds?  Lots of people dream of winning the lottery or getting the “perfect” poker hand, but do you know what the real chances are?  When you flip a coin, there’s always a one in two chance you’ll land on heads.  Each toss is independent of what came before, so two tosses do not guarantee that you will land on heads, even once.  It’s smart to learn as much as possible about each game.  The more you know, the better decisions you’ll make and the more fun you’ll have.

  • Chance-based games.  When you play a lottery game, it doesn’t matter if you just won – or lost – three times in a row. The odds of winning simply don't change based on your prior play. The only thing you can control is how much you bet, how often you play, and for how long.  That’s why many players set a limit beforehand – the best way to keep chance-based games fun.
 tips to keep gambling fun.
  • Play for fun, not to make money. If you gamble, the result is never certain and not winning is always a possibility. Consider gambling as a form of entertainment, like going out for dinner or seeing a movie, not as a source of income.
  • Set a budget and stick to it. Keeping it fun means playing within your means. When you set and stick to a budget, you spend only what you can afford to spend.

  • Know how the game works and what the odds are before playing. The more you know about the games, the better equipped you are to make informed decisions before and while you play.
  • Know when to stop. Not winning is the cost of entertainment. Wondering if you can win back money by playing more? It’s possible, but unlikely.  Stop gambling when you have spent your limit. Don't try to win more to recover what you have spent.

  • Balance gambling with other types of leisure activities. Finding other types of entertainment to enjoy will help make sure that gambling doesn’t become your main activity or too big a part of your life.

  • Take frequent breaks. Every once in a while, it’s a good idea to walk away from the game you’re playing. Taking a break can help you make smarter decisions, so gambling stays what it should be – a fun activity.

  • Set a time limit before you play. When you make a plan for how much time you can afford to spend gambling (and stick to it), you are more likely to stay within your set budget and not miss out on the other things you need to do.

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