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Last updated December 17, 2010
privacy policy
Thank you for visiting the Connecticut Lottery Corporation’s website and viewing our Privacy Policy.  This policy outlines the type of information collected on this website and the limited way in which the Connecticut Lottery Corporation (the “CLC”) uses that information. 

We are strongly committed to maintaining the privacy of personal information that is gathered during the use of our website.  However, because information that we receive is subject to the Connecticut Freedom of Information Act, we cannot ensure absolute privacy.  Information that you provide to us may be available to members of the public under that law.  This policy is intended to provide you with the information you need to make an informed choice about your use of this site and your decision on whether to share personal information with us through this site.
personal information and choice
"Personal information” is information about an individual that is readily identifiable to that specific individual.  Personal information includes such information as an individual’s name, address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, or date of birth.   A domain name or internet protocol address is not considered personal information.

For us to have access to your personal information, you have to voluntarily provide it.  In other words, the Connecticut Lottery Corporation never collects the personal information you voluntarily provide without your choice, consent or knowledge.   
Information Collection & Usage
There are two types of information that we collect, store and use: (1) automatically-collected non-personal information and (2) voluntarily-provided personal information.   The CLC does NOT collect any personal information from you when you visit our site, unless you expressly and voluntarily participate in an activity on our website that asks for it and you voluntarily provide such personal information. 
Automatically-Collected Non-Personal Information
When you visit our website, basic information is passively collected through your web browser.  This information is non-personal information and does not individually identify you, such as:
  • The domain name and IP address from which you accessed our website.

  • The type of browser and operating system used to access our website.

  • The date and time and length of your visit to our website.

  • The specific page visited, graphics viewed and any documents downloaded from our website.

  • The specific links to other sites you accessed from our website.

  • The specific links from other sites you used to access our website.
How This Information is Used
The CLC will use automatically-collected non-personal information to compile generic reports about popular pages and to see how our group of players are accessing our site.  This information may be used to improve the usability of our site so that our players have a better experience when visiting it.
Voluntarily-Provided Personal Information
When you participate in an activity on our website that asks for your personal information, and you voluntarily choose to provide such information you are voluntarily consenting to identify yourself.   For example, if you choose to send us an e-mail, or register for a second chance drawing promotion, or fill out an on-line form, or participate in a player survey, you are voluntarily providing personal information to the CLC and by providing such information to the CLC you acknowledge and agree that you are voluntarily giving us your consent to collect, use and disclose such information as set forth in this Privacy Policy.  If you prefer that we not collect such information, please do not provide it or participate in those activities of our website that request it.   Participation is strictly your choice.  While it may limit your ability to take full advantage of the website, it will not impair your ability to access important Lottery player information. 

How This Information is Used
The CLC may use voluntarily-provided personal information to communicate directly with you on a one-to-one basis. 

Sending E-mail
Your e-mail address and other personal information you provide contained in or attached to your e-mail are retained and used in order for us to respond back directly to you.  If you prefer we not collect, use or store this information, please do not e-mail us.  Instead, you may want to communicate with us by phone or in person.
Registering in Second Chance Drawing Promotions
Personal information you provide by participating in Second Chance Drawing Promotions is collected and maintained by the CLC.  The CLC uses that information to verify that the potential entrant is age-eligible to participate. (See note about age requirement below.)  Information you provide about your residence and game preferences may be used to customize our promotional pages with news and events most relevant to you.  As described above, e-mail addresses may also be used to communicate directly with you about the drawing or other lottery related information.  You may modify or delete any voluntarily-provided personal information you have provided by using the Change Profile feature of this website. Any change or deletion of such information will remove the original information from our active database but will not delete the original information from our archived records.
Requesting a Speakers Bureau Form
Personal information you provide may be used to enable us to contact you about scheduling a Lottery Speaker for a meeting or engagement.
Becoming a Retailer Form

Personal information you provide may be used to enable us to contact you about becoming a Lottery Sales Retailer.
Filling out a Survey
Personal information you provide is collected and may be used for marketing and product development purposes or to contact prize winners. 
Text Message Alerts

Personal information you provide will be used to deliver text alerts of winning numbers, jackpot alerts or other lottery information to your mobile device as allowed by law.
Modifying or Deleting Your Personal Information
Any personal information you provide will be open and accessible to you for review, modification or deletion.   Any change or deletion of such information will remove the original information from our active database but will not delete the original information from our archived records.
Opting Out
From time to time, the CLC may send information or promotional materials such as announcements, newsletters or notices to the e-mail addresses or postal addresses submitted to us by you through your participation in this website.  If you do not want to receive such information or materials from us, you may opt out by sending an e-mail to us with your name, mailing address and/or e-mail address to ctlottery@ctlottery.org.  When we receive your request, we will take reasonable steps to remove your name from such lists.
User Age Requirements
Purchasers of our products and users of our services, including registration for Second Chance Drawing Promotions, must be at least 18 years of age.
Children’s Privacy
The CLC does not intend for this website to be used by children under the age of 13 and the CLC does not knowingly collect personal information from minors under the age of 18.   If the CLC becomes aware of a child under the age of 18 submitting personal information to this site, we will delete the information as soon as we discover it and will not use it for any purpose whatsoever.  We encourage parents or legal guardians to talk with their children about the potential risks of providing personal information over the internet.
Disclosures of Personal Information to Third Parties
The CLC is strongly committed to protecting personal information provided by you and collected through our website against unauthorized access, use or disclosure.  Consequently, personal information collected on our website is made readily available only to Lottery employees or its vendors who need to know such information in order to carry out their official job duties.  While the CLC may use personal information for marketing purposes, we will NOT sell, rent or trade this information to or with third parties, unless we are required to do so by law. 
Disclosures of Personal Information Required by Law
Subject to applicable law, any information collected through our website or any information voluntarily provided to us through our website may be considered public record.   If the CLC receives a valid subpoena or court order, or if we receive a request under the Connecticut Freedom of Information Act (see section below), we may be legally compelled to disclose your personal information. 
Connecticut Freedom of Information Act
As a quasi-public agency, the CLC is subject to the Freedom of Information Act or “FOIA”, Connecticut General Statutes Section 1-200 et seq.  Under FOIA, any person can request information collected by a public entity, and the information must be disclosed unless an exemption applies.  Therefore, you should be aware that any information you provide to us maybe subject to disclosure under FOIA unless an exemption applies that allows us to keep the information confidential.
Retention of Collected Information
The information collected through our website is retained by the CLC in accordance with the records retention and disposition requirements of Connecticut statutes and administrative regulations.
The CLC utilizes industry standards with respect to safeguarding the integrity of its computer systems, networks and website including, but not limited to, individual authentication, the security of transmitted data, security monitoring, prevention of data corruption and auditing.  We believe these measures provide reasonable protection of private information in our possession; however we cannot ensure or warrant the privacy of personal information transmitted thru our website.
Some pages on the CLC’s website may use cookies, both persistent and non-persistent, to store information.  Cookies are simple text files that are sent from our server to your computer’s hard drive.  They do not contain personal information and will not compromise your privacy or security. 
Links Disclaimer
This Privacy Policy applies only to web pages hosted by the CLC.  For your convenience, links to other sites of interest are also a part of this website and may be accessed by the user.  Since we cannot be assured that third party websites follow policies similar to our privacy policies, we encourage you to review the privacy policies of these other sites.  The CLC has no responsibility or liability for the actions or policies of these third party sites, does not endorse any products or services that may be mentioned or offered on such sites, and is not responsible for the content or privacy policies of such sites. 
Third Party Host Disclaimer
The CLC website may be hosted by a third party.  The CLC will make every effort to protect and safeguard the information collected on our website although we cannot ensure or warrant the security practices endorsed by such third party host site.
Changes to this Privacy Policy
The CLC may revise this Privacy Policy from time to time at its discretion. Revised policies will be posted here, with the amended date located at the top of the page. You may wish to review this policy periodically, since any information collected on this website will be subject to the policy in place at that time.
Altering Forms or Web Pages
Unauthorized attempts to upload information or change information contained in our website, including unauthorized alterations to the wording of any on-line forms or registrations, are strictly prohibited.  Alteration of the wording of downloadable or on-line forms or information may render the form or information invalid. 
Contacting the Lottery
If you should have any questions about this Privacy Policy, the practices of this site or your dealings with this site, or if you believe that your personal information is being used for a purpose other than what is outlined in this policy, please contact the Connecticut Lottery Corporation at 777 Brook Street, Rocky Hill 06067, by phone at (860) 713-2700 or by e-mail at ctlottery@ctlottery.org.
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