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The winning stories and photos on these pages are just a small number of thousands who claim prizes. In our most recent year, players won more than $699 million in prize money! The fact is, everyday people win every day with the CT Lottery! Below is a list of recent winners of prizes worth $10,000 or more:
03/21/2016 Amir Orjani
Windsor Locks, CT
7-Eleven Store #15438
Windsor Locks
Play4 Night $50,000
03/21/2016 Robert Unikewicz
Portland, CT
Stop & Shop #606
Powerball $50,000
03/21/2016 Travis Hallett Hack
New Haven, CT
Gas N Food Sunoco
10X Cash 10Th Ed. $10,000
03/18/2016 David Drezek
Southington, CT
Country Farms Convenience
Jumbo Bucks $20,000
03/18/2016 Michael Morant
North Haven, CT
J & H Food Mart
North Haven
Star $50,000
03/18/2016 Alfred Staino
Torrington, CT
Church Street Food Mart LLC
Lucky 777S Tripler $25,000
03/17/2016 Stephen Badura
Suffield, CT
7-Eleven 15810B
$200,000 Fortune $25,000
03/17/2016 Laura Rizzio
Shelton, CT
Stop & Shop #635
Cash5 $100,000
03/17/2016 Richard Layden
Deep River, CT
Cumberland Farms #4565
Deep River
20X Cash $20,000
03/17/2016 Natlae Howard
Trumbull, CT
Trumbull Service Center Inc.
Cashingo $30,000
03/16/2016 Vidal Vanegas Turcios
Norwalk, CT
Turind LLC
10X Cash 10Th Ed. $10,000
03/16/2016 Deborah Mazzettini
Bethany, CT
Dixie Farms LLC
10X Cash 10Th Ed. $10,000
03/16/2016 Arlindo Almeida
Danbury, CT
Hat City Wine & Liquor LLC
Cash5 $100,000
03/16/2016 Valentin Perez
Hartford, CT
Db Mart
$100,000 Cashword 7 $10,000
03/14/2016 James Walker
East Haven, CT
Tobacco Express
East Haven
Lucky 7S $27,777
03/14/2016 Robert Perry Jr
Putnam, CT
School Street Xtra Mart
$50,000 Cash $10,000
03/14/2016 Cristen Wandling
Bristol, CT
Uno Convenience
30X Cash 3Rd Ed. $30,000
03/14/2016 Mohammad Patel
Stamford, CT
R&R Stamford Convenience Mart
10X Cash 10Th Ed. $10,000
03/14/2016 Michael Morant
North Haven, CT
First Fuel Of North Haven
North Haven
20X Cash $20,000
03/14/2016 Lan Phan
Stratford, CT
Stratford News LLC
Lucky 777S Tripler $177,777
03/14/2016 Lan Phan
Stratford, CT
Stratford News LLC
Cash Craze $10,000
03/11/2016 Richard Misseri
Enfield, CT
Elm Street Package Store
Windsor Locks
Lucky Links Night $50,000
03/11/2016 David Suraci
Meriden, CT
Cumberland Farms #4687
Powerball $100,000
03/11/2016 Nashira Mathis
Waterbury, CT
Dixie Farms LLC
30X Cash 3Rd Ed. $10,000
03/11/2016 Eddie Almodovar
Holyoke, MA
Algoo & Son Inc
20X Cash $20,000
03/11/2016 Angel Ruiz Cabrera
Norwalk, CT
Norwalk Supermarket
10X Cash 10Th Ed. $10,000
03/11/2016 Anthony Musto Jr
Southington, CT
Dairy Plus
10X Cash 10Th Ed. $10,000
03/11/2016 Carol Fields
Groton, CT
Full Of Spirit
10X Cash 10Th Ed. $10,000
03/10/2016 Pedro Criollo
Norwalk, CT
Maximo Deli & Grocery
Jumbo Bucks $20,000
03/09/2016 Joseph Valentini
Bridgeport, CT
North Branford Xpressmart
North Branford
30X Cash 3Rd Ed. $10,000
03/09/2016 Dorothy Mcmanus
Vernon, CT
Big Y World Class Mkt #73
Lucky Links Day $50,000
03/09/2016 John Lachioma
Easton, CT
Scooter's Deli Mart
Super Cashword 17 $50,000
03/09/2016 Andrew Baxter
Bridgeport, CT
Stop & Shop #639
Cash5 $100,000
03/08/2016 Jennifer Woodtke
Meriden, CT
A & S Quik-Pik Inc
Super Cashword 18 $50,000
03/08/2016 Richard Demedeiros
Bethel, CT
Crossroad Card & Gift
Lucky 777S Tripler $25,000
03/08/2016 Robert Goldberg
Waterbury, CT
Stop One Mart LLC
Powerball $50,000
03/07/2016 Wanda Hall
East Hartford, CT
Express Mini Market
East Hartford
Cash5 $100,000
03/07/2016 Konefal Mariusz
New Britain, CT
New Britain Wine & Liquor
New Britain
30X Cash 2Nd Ed. $10,000
03/07/2016 Michael Morant
North Haven, CT
Henny Penny #35
10X Cash 10Th Ed. $10,000
03/07/2016 Georgia Gayle
Springfield, MA
Alltown Milford E #832
Play4 Night $25,000
03/07/2016 Tamara Mckenzie
Springfield, MA
Alltown Milford E #832
Play4 Night $25,000
03/07/2016 Kevin Rourke
Wethersfield, CT
K Food Mart
Cash5 $100,000
03/07/2016 Kelly Brown
Oakdale, CT
Best Convenience
10X Cash 10Th Ed. $10,000
03/04/2016 Andrew Ciambriello
Stratford, CT
Trumbull Food Mart LLC
10X Cash 10Th Ed. $10,000
03/04/2016 Gloria Ginter
Westport, CT
Alltown Greenwich N #822
Cash5 $100,000
03/04/2016 David Ewings
Terryville, CT
Terryville Mobil
30X Cash 3Rd Ed. $10,000
03/04/2016 David Lamb
West Hartford, CT
Fairlawn Package Store LLC
West Hartford
Win Up To $10,000 A Month For Life $10,000
03/04/2016 Harold Page
Bethel, CT
Greenwood Ave Shell
10X Cash 10Th Ed. $10,000
03/04/2016 Aralis Rivera Garcia
Hartford, CT
Scotts Avon Mobil
$100,000 Cashword 7 $100,000
03/04/2016 Annie Bell
Stamford, CT
The House Of Spirits
$100,000 Cashword 7 $10,000

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Winner Image 0
Lucky Barry from Danbury! $30,000 Lottery Prize Extends Winning Streak
Winner Image 1
Hamden Man Celebrates a Cool $50,000 Win on “Super Cashword 18”
Winner Image 2
Manchester Man Left Speechless on $30,000 “3X The Cash 6th Edition” Win
Winner Image 3
$100,000 “Cash5” Win Leaves West Haven Woman in Tears of Happiness
Winner Image 4
“Railroad Family” Starts Vacation with a $30,000 Win
Winner Image 5
Plainfield Man Crowns Himself the “Cash King” with $25,000 Prize
Winner Image 6
Terryville Woman Takes Home “Lucky Links With 2X Power” $50,000 Prize
Winner Image 7
Milford Man Lays Claim to $2,000 a Month for Life Prize and Celebrates with Family
Winner Image 8
New Britain Resident Plays “20X Cash” For the First Time, Claims $20,000
Winner Image 9
Retired Old Lyme Man Snags $100,000 Prize and Celebrates With Dog “Boo”
Winner Image 10
Norwich Woman Wins $30,000 Prize on “30X Cash” Gift from Brother
Winner Image 11
Keno Player Marks His Numbers “On the Spot” and Wins $11,250
Winner Image 12
New Britain Winner Bags $5.2 Million Lotto® Jackpot Prize for April 8th Drawing
Winner Image 13
On the Spot® Keno Play is a “Strong” $50,000 Win!
Winner Image 14
Best Buds Add Cash5 $100,000 Top Prize to Their “Bucket” List of Fun
Winner Image 15
Bristol Man Strikes It Hot, Wins a Cool $57,777 Top Prize
Winner Image 16
History Repeats Itself at Fairfield Newsstand, Sells “$25,000 a Year for Life” Prize Twice in Two Years
Winner Image 17
Enfield’s “Lucky for Life” Winning Ticket Holder Steps Forward to Claim $390,000 Prize
Winner Image 18
“Old-time” Southbury Retailer Sells “$5,000 a Month for Life” Top Prize Ticket
Winner Image 19
Portland Man Finds $50,000 Powerball Prize in a Pile of Tickets
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