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The winning stories and photos on these pages are just a small number of thousands who claim prizes. In our most recent year, players won more than $699 million in prize money! The fact is, everyday people win every day with the CT Lottery! Here is a partial list of recent winners of prizes worth $10,000 or more:
02/06/2015 Giovanna Kezelevich
Naugatuck, CT
Discount Smoke
30X Cash, 2Nd Edition $30,000
02/06/2015 Michael Hassett
Middletown, CT
Cumberland Farms #4721
30X Cash, 2Nd Edition $30,000
02/06/2015 Jesse Sheldon
Norwalk, CT
News Express
20X Cash $20,000
02/06/2015 Eric Gonzalez
Bridgeport, CT
Bridgeport First Gas Corp
30X Cash, 2Nd Edition $10,000
02/06/2015 Annette Spader
Waterbury, CT
Dixie Farms LLC
30X Cash, 2Nd Edition $30,000
02/05/2015 Charles Markelon
Trumbull, CT
Gene's Automotive LLC
30X Cash, 2Nd Edition $30,000
02/05/2015 Josh Curry
Clinton, CT
Shoprite Of Clinton
$2,000,000 Diamonds $20,000
02/04/2015 David Devoe
Bristol, CT
Super Stop & Shop #628
30X Cash, 2Nd Edition $10,000
02/04/2015 William Deering
Litchfield, CT
Litchfield Mobil
Cash5 $100,000
02/04/2015 Scott Wickwire
East Haven, CT
Sunoco A Plus Mini Mart
East Haven
10X The Cash 10Th Ed. $10,000
02/03/2015 Timothy Oconnor
Hamden, CT
Minute Mart
$500,000 Diamonds $10,000
02/03/2015 Alex Pappas
Trumbull, CT
Trumbull Food Mart LLC
Cash5 $100,000
02/03/2015 Michael Volpe
East Haven, CT
The Deli
East Haven
30X Cash, 2Nd Edition $10,000
02/03/2015 Giovanni Forlini
Danbury, CT
The Store Of Danbury Inc
Super Draw $100,000
02/03/2015 George Schmidt Sr
Mystic, CT
Universal Package Store Inc
Lotto! $3,697,585
02/03/2015 Michael Burnell
Meriden, CT
Scooter's Deli Mart
20X The Cash 6Th Ed $20,000
02/03/2015 Solange Kirouac
Bristol, CT
Uno Convenience
30X Cash, 2Nd Edition $10,000
02/02/2015 Ronald Mangiafico
Wethersfield, CT
Wolcott Hill Mart
$100,000 Cashword 6 $10,000
01/28/2015 Damion Daley
Hartford, CT
Mobil Food Mart
20X Cash $20,000
01/26/2015 Mary Alice Zawalich
Meriden, CT
Cumberland Farms #4752
2X The Money 4Th Ed. $20,000
01/26/2015 J Woodard
Norwalk, CT
Spring Hill Liquor LLC
Powerball $1,000,000
01/23/2015 Michael Musto
East Haven, CT
Ez Gas Mart Inc
New Haven
$100,000 Cashword 6 $10,000
01/23/2015 Heike Hofmann
Danbury, CT
Express Fuels & Food Mart
Jewel 7S $277,777
01/23/2015 Jennifer Buxton
Windsor, CT
Windsor Milk Mart
10X The Cash 10Th Ed. $10,000
01/23/2015 Michael Finoia Sr
North Haven, CT
Bp Mart
North Haven
Super Draw $20,000
01/23/2015 Mary Ponzillo
Waterbury, CT
Petes Package Store
$3,000,000 Riches $30,000
01/23/2015 Michele Moy
Southington, CT
Food Bag #507
Powerball $10,000
01/22/2015 Alberto Rodriguez
Stamford, CT
Cove Road Mini Mart
10X The Cash 10Th Ed. $10,000
01/22/2015 Stanley Pitter
West Haven, CT
One Stop Mart LLC
West Haven
10X The Cash 10Th Ed. $10,000
01/22/2015 Manuel Pine
Rocky Hill, CT
Discount Tobacco
Rocky Hill
Red Riches $100,000
01/21/2015 Helen Matylinski
Stamford, CT
Fairlawn Variety
Pinball Wizard Xix $100,000
01/21/2015 Lelio Iaquinto
Northford, CT
Krauszer's Food Stores
North Haven
5X The Money 6Th Ed. $50,000
01/21/2015 Robert Block
West Hartford, CT
Troys Mt View Service Inc
West Hartford
Super Draw $1,000,000
01/21/2015 Octavius Scata
Meriden, CT
Ab Convenience Store
South Meriden
10X The Cash 10Th Ed. $10,000
01/21/2015 Janet Mendez
Waterbury, CT
Mercury #21 Cheshire
Mega Millions $10,000
01/20/2015 Philip Socci
South Salem, NY
Tj's Discount Wine&Liquor LLC
10X Cash 9Th Ed. $10,000
01/20/2015 Oliver Barge
Bridgeport, CT
Connecticut Food Market LLC
Powerball $20,000
01/20/2015 Mary Weaver
Milford, CT
Fairway Liquor Mart
Powerball $50,000
01/20/2015 Arpitha Komaragiri
West Haven, CT
The Pit Stop
10X The Cash 10Th Ed. $10,000
01/16/2015 Gurjit Dhadda
Danbury, CT
Gurjit White Turkey Deli
30X Cash, 2Nd Edition $30,000
01/16/2015 Michael Hegyi
Shelton, CT
Reliable Mini Mart
10X The Cash 10Th Ed. $10,000
01/16/2015 Gregory Seeley
Morris, CT
Cumberland Farms #4590
Super Cashword 17 $50,000
01/16/2015 Marie Peck
Fairfield, CT
News Express
20X The Cash 6Th Ed $20,000
01/16/2015 D Dru Cobb
North Branford, CT
Big Y World Class Market #87
North Branford
$100,000 Cashword 6 $100,000
01/15/2015 Michael Amenta
Middletown, CT
Viva Las Vegas $100,000
01/15/2015 Georgette Amaral
Vernon, CT
7-Eleven Store #15123A
20X The Cash 6Th Ed $20,000
01/15/2015 Anavar Bhura
East Hartford, CT
Gala News
$100,000 Cashword 6 $10,000
01/15/2015 Nancy Rodriguez
Hartford, CT
El Comerio Grocery
$30,000 Bingo 2Nd Ed. $30,000
01/14/2015 Mark Adams
Waterford, CT
Quick And Easy
30X Cash, 2Nd Edition $30,000
01/14/2015 Barbara Rugar
Rocky Hill, CT
Krauszer's Food Store
Rocky Hill
Lotto Cash $50,000

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Winner Image 0
A “Golden” Opportunity Presents Father and Son with a $25,000 Prize Winning Ticket
Winner Image 1
Enfield Woman Beats 416 Million to 1 Odds, Wins TWO Prizes in TWO Days!
Winner Image 2
Lucky Links with 2XPOWER Draw Game Creates First $50,000 Top Prize Winner!
Winner Image 3
Lucky Electric Boat Employee Claims “$25,000 a Year for Life” Second Prize for April 30th
Winner Image 4
The Luck of the Irish Shines Down on Enfield’s $177,777 Top Prize Winner
Winner Image 5
Manchester Brothers Share 5 Card Cash $255,555 Top Drawing Prize
Winner Image 6
A New Story Begins: Hurricane Sandy Survivors Claim “5 Card Cash” $255,555 Top Prize
Winner Image 7
Big Y World Class Market Bags Another “$25,000 a Year for Life” Prize Winning Ticket
Winner Image 8
Extra “Lucky” Quick Pick Rewards Winsted Man with “$25,000 a Year for Life”
Winner Image 9
Waitress Claims “$7,500 a Month for Life” Top Lottery Prize for $1,500,000
Winner Image 10
One steak and cheese grinder with a $250,000 prize winning lottery ticket on the side, please.
Winner Image 11
Another Ashford Resident “Hits the Big One” Wins Lottery “Super Draw” Top Prize
Winner Image 12
Instead of Counting Sheep, Lottery Winner Counts $100,000 in Prize Money
Winner Image 13
Bristol Man Wins $100,000 Lottery Prize for Being at the “Right Place at the Right Time”
Winner Image 14
Trumbull Retailer Sells “$25,000 a Year for Life” Lucky for Life™ Prize Winning Ticket
Winner Image 15
Stamford Sells Fourth $1,000,000 “Powerball” Prize Winning Ticket!
Winner Image 16
Lucky Danbury Resident Claims $1,000,000 Powerball Prize for Feb. 21
Winner Image 17
Waterbury's "Baker's Dozen + 3” Claim Mega Millions® $1,000,000 Prize for Jan. 9
Winner Image 18
Mystic Couple Wins a Whole “Lotto” Dough in the Snow—a $4.7 Million Jackpot!
Winner Image 19
Danbury Man Scores Lottery’s Big Game “50/50 Super Draw” $100,000 Top Prize

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