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The winning stories and photos on these pages are just a small number of thousands who claim prizes. In our most recent year, players won more than $699 million in prize money! The fact is, everyday people win every day with the CT Lottery! Here is a partial list of recent winners of prizes worth $10,000 or more:
04/13/2015 Demetrios Andronikides
Norwalk, CT
Norwalk News And Smokes
30X Cash, 2Nd Edition $10,000
04/13/2015 Clandel Greenfield
Mount Vernon, NY
Stateline Stationery
$100,000 Cashword 6 $100,000
04/13/2015 Sushanto Palma
Manchester, CT
Center Liquors
5 Card Cash $127,778
04/13/2015 Hemonto Francis Palma
Manchester, CT
Center Liquors
5 Card Cash $127,778
04/10/2015 Melina Restrepo
South Windsor, CT
Deluxe Liquors
Cash5 $100,000
04/10/2015 Anthony Buonauto Jr
Waterbury, CT
Getty Mart Of Waterbury
Mega Millions $20,000
04/10/2015 Alphonse Gambardella Jr
Branford, CT
Branford Book & Card Shop
Casino Night $25,000
04/10/2015 Roger Macpherson
Danbury, CT
Bethel Foodmarket Inc
$50,000 Cash $10,000
04/10/2015 Leonard Descheneaux Jr
Stafford Springs, CT
Sara Mart
Stafford Springs
Blackjack Tripler $30,000
04/10/2015 Robert Esposito
North Branford, CT
East Haven Xtra Mart
New Haven
10X The Cash 10Th Ed. $10,000
04/10/2015 Maruska Leite
Danbury, CT
Brookfield Sunoco
10X The Cash 10Th Ed. $10,000
04/09/2015 Alan Ouellette
Monroe, CT
Monroe Mobil
$3,000,000 Riches $10,000
04/09/2015 Gregory Hushin
Hebron, CT
The Corner Store
5X The Money 7Th Ed. $50,000
04/09/2015 Jonathan Sierra
Derby, CT
Exxon Mart
30X Cash, 2Nd Edition $30,000
04/09/2015 Mary Johnson
Fairfield, CT
News Express
$200,000 Fortune $25,000
04/08/2015 Betty Johnson
New Britain, CT
Farmington Mart
New Britain
$100,000 Cashword 6 $10,000
04/08/2015 Kimberly Perrault
Trumbull, CT
Hill View Market Inc
Casino Night $10,000
04/08/2015 Rajinder Chaddha
South Windsor, CT
Town & Country Discount Liquor
$100,000 Cashword 6 $10,000
04/08/2015 George Chakar
Trumbull, CT
Lou's Food
20X Cash $20,000
04/08/2015 Melanie Soloman
Milford, CT
In N Out Mart Inc
Powerball $30,000
04/08/2015 Zeba Master
Stamford, CT
Parkview Variety
10X Cash 9Th Ed. $10,000
04/07/2015 Edwina Smallwood
Newark, NJ
Best Convenience
Cash5 $100,000
04/07/2015 Matthew Rook
Middletown, CT
Hanan LLC
Play4 Night $10,000
04/07/2015 Katherine Stack
Groton, CT
Henny Penny #22
Gales Ferry
Casino Night $25,000
04/07/2015 C Camputaro
Clinton, CT
Grillo's Market
West Haven
Cash5 $100,000
04/07/2015 Jeffrey Stathers
Broad Brook, CT
Quick Stop Convenience Store
South Windsor
30X Cash, 2Nd Edition $30,000
04/07/2015 Darlene Jarrett
Canterbury, CT
Central Village Shell
10X The Cash 10Th Ed. $10,000
04/07/2015 Jessica Meinhold
Norwich, CT
Harry's Market
$250,000 Cashword $25,000
04/06/2015 Natalie Fisher
Stratford, CT
Donut Crazy
Blazing Hot Cash $20,000
04/06/2015 Taylor Shea Marotto
Wethersfield, CT
K Food Mart
30X Cash, 2Nd Edition $10,000
04/06/2015 Jozefa Mcburnie
Cutchogue, NY
Daily Mart
20X Cash $20,000
04/06/2015 Salmir Ahmemulic
Derby, CT
Exxon Mart
10X The Cash 10Th Ed. $10,000
04/06/2015 Jacob Fox
Orange, CT
Ohm Grocery Mart Inc.
20X Cash $20,000
04/06/2015 William Perkins
Trumbull, CT
Uptown News & Variety
The Three Stooges $30,000
04/06/2015 Anthony Rogers
Meriden, CT
A & S Quik-Pik Inc
Pinball Wizard Xix $100,000
04/06/2015 Walter Hackett
Darien, CT
Speedy Mart
30X Cash, 2Nd Edition $10,000
04/06/2015 Raymond Coer Jr
Waterbury, CT
Black Gold LLC
20X The Cash 6Th Ed $20,000
04/06/2015 Dennis Klaus
Gaylordsville, CT
New Milford Hess
New Milford
5 Card Cash $127,778
04/06/2015 Maryann Daino
Gaylordsville, CT
New Milford Hess
New Milford
5 Card Cash $127,778
04/02/2015 Judith Scanlon
Canaan, CT
North Canaan Xtra Mart
North Canaan
$100,000 Cashword 6 $10,000
04/02/2015 Sheila Montgomery
Groton, CT
Henny Penny #39
5X The Money 7Th Ed. $50,000
04/02/2015 Robert Manz
Newtown, CT
Big Y World Class Mkt #49
$50,000 Cash $50,000
04/02/2015 Neal Devaux
South Windsor, CT
Country Store
South Windsor
20X Cash $20,000
04/01/2015 Adelaide Esteves
Bridgeport, CT
News Express
Jumbo Bucks $20,000
04/01/2015 Martin Kelley
Newington, CT
Country Package Store
$2,000,000 Diamonds $1,440,000
03/30/2015 Mark Adams
Waterford, CT
Quick And Easy
30X Cash, 2Nd Edition $20,000
03/30/2015 Vivian Baez
Waterbury, CT
Jdl Grocery & Convenience Stor
$100,000 Cashword 6 $10,000
03/30/2015 Michael Mercurio
Stratford, CT
Sam's News
30X Cash, 2Nd Edition $30,000
03/30/2015 Francis Bonadies
Winsted, CT
Winsted News & Variety
Lucky For Life $390,000
03/30/2015 Charles Markelon
Trumbull, CT
Gene's Automotive LLC
30X Cash, 2Nd Edition $10,000

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Winner Image 0
Lucky Links with 2XPOWER Draw Game Creates First $50,000 Top Prize Winner!
Winner Image 1
Lucky Electric Boat Employee Claims “$25,000 a Year for Life” Second Prize for April 30th
Winner Image 2
The Luck of the Irish Shines Down on Enfield’s $177,777 Top Prize Winner
Winner Image 3
Manchester Brothers Share 5 Card Cash $255,555 Top Drawing Prize
Winner Image 4
A New Story Begins: Hurricane Sandy Survivors Claim “5 Card Cash” $255,555 Top Prize
Winner Image 5
Big Y World Class Market Bags Another “$25,000 a Year for Life” Prize Winning Ticket
Winner Image 6
Extra “Lucky” Quick Pick Rewards Winsted Man with “$25,000 a Year for Life”
Winner Image 7
Waitress Claims “$7,500 a Month for Life” Top Lottery Prize for $1,500,000
Winner Image 8
One steak and cheese grinder with a $250,000 prize winning lottery ticket on the side, please.
Winner Image 9
Another Ashford Resident “Hits the Big One” Wins Lottery “Super Draw” Top Prize
Winner Image 10
Instead of Counting Sheep, Lottery Winner Counts $100,000 in Prize Money
Winner Image 11
Bristol Man Wins $100,000 Lottery Prize for Being at the “Right Place at the Right Time”
Winner Image 12
Trumbull Retailer Sells “$25,000 a Year for Life” Lucky for Life™ Prize Winning Ticket
Winner Image 13
Stamford Sells Fourth $1,000,000 “Powerball” Prize Winning Ticket!
Winner Image 14
Lucky Danbury Resident Claims $1,000,000 Powerball Prize for Feb. 21
Winner Image 15
Waterbury's "Baker's Dozen + 3” Claim Mega Millions® $1,000,000 Prize for Jan. 9
Winner Image 16
Mystic Couple Wins a Whole “Lotto” Dough in the Snow—a $4.7 Million Jackpot!
Winner Image 17
Danbury Man Scores Lottery’s Big Game “50/50 Super Draw” $100,000 Top Prize
Winner Image 18
Norwalk Winner Scoops Up $1,000,000 Powerball Windfall Before the Blizzardy Snowfall
Winner Image 19
West Hartford Man is CT’s Newest $1,000,000 Top Prize Super Draw Winner!

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