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The winning stories and photos on these pages are just a small number of thousands who claim prizes. In our most recent year, players won more than $699 million in prize money! The fact is, everyday people win every day with the CT Lottery! Below is a list of recent winners of prizes worth $10,000 or more:
05/23/2016 Betty Johnson
New Britain, CT
New Britain Mart
New Britain
$100,000 Cashword 7 $10,000
05/20/2016 Anthony Edwards
Brooklyn, NY
Alltown Orange S #829
Powerball $50,000
05/20/2016 P Shah
Glastonbury, CT
Food Mart
Play4 Night $150,000
05/19/2016 Anna Teti
New Britain, CT
Stop & Shop #645
New Britain
Lotto! $4,091,267
05/19/2016 Robert Fetera
Wallingford, CT
North Haven Gulf
North Haven
$200,000 Jackpot $25,000
05/19/2016 John Battista
Branford, CT
Bp Food Mart
Star $25,000
05/19/2016 David Aquilino
Stratford, CT
7-Eleven Store #33320
30X Cash 3Rd Ed. $30,000
05/19/2016 Joann Rice Mckenzie
Stamford, CT
Rite Aid #10390
Super Cashword 18 $50,000
05/19/2016 Rick Brennan
East Hartford, CT
Mercury #42 Brainard Rd
Play4 Night $10,000
05/19/2016 Carroll Jordan
Hartford, CT
Liquor Outlet
Play4 Night $17,500
05/19/2016 Owen Mcneil
Bloomfield, CT
Stop & Go Food Mart
Cash5 $13,950
05/19/2016 Mima Batiste
Somers, CT
Somers Xtra Mart
Super Cashword 18 $50,000
05/19/2016 Andrew Christopoulos
Middleboro, MA
East Windsor Noble Inc
East Windsor
$50,000 Build It Bucks $50,000
05/17/2016 Jennifer Defilippo
Wallingford, CT
North Haven Xtra Mart
North Haven
Cash5 $100,000
05/17/2016 Valerye Lashawne Houston Sowell
Hartford, CT
Kana Enterprises LLC
East Hartford
20X Cash $20,000
05/17/2016 Steven Hobart
Branford, CT
Shoreline Wine & Spirit
30X Cash 3Rd Ed. $30,000
05/16/2016 Michael Rondinone
Middletown, CT
On The Go
Play4 Night $15,000
05/16/2016 Carra Rockwood
Meriden, CT
Express Food Mart A10
10X Cash 11Th Ed. $10,000
05/16/2016 Ronald Cox
Kensington, CT
Food Bag #540
10X Cash 11Th Ed. $10,000
05/16/2016 Pedro Cruz Rodriguez
Springfield, MA
Angies Stateline Package Store
Play4 Night $10,000
05/16/2016 Roger Brown
Stamford, CT
East Main Convenience
30X Cash 3Rd Ed. $30,000
05/16/2016 Jose Garcia
South Windsor, CT
Discount Tobacco
South Windsor
$3,000,000 Royale $10,000
05/16/2016 Carlo Dupre
Hartford, CT
Hartford Mart
20X Cash $20,000
05/16/2016 Anthony Dedinas
Branford, CT
Long Wharf Ventures LLC
New Haven
20X Cash $20,000
05/16/2016 Kathleen Thaller
South Windsor, CT
Cumberland Farms #4755
30X Cash 3Rd Ed. $10,000
05/13/2016 Francis Wojcik
Bristol, CT
Super Stop & Shop #628
10X Cash 11Th Ed. $10,000
05/12/2016 Keith Vines
Naugatuck, CT
7-Eleven Store #11481G
20X Cash $20,000
05/12/2016 Irvin Fuster
New Haven, CT
Power Gas Food Mart
New Haven
Caesars $100,000
05/12/2016 Nadeem Ahmad
Meriden, CT
Sunshine Food Mart
Keno $18,360
05/12/2016 Rita Kruk
Easton, CT
Shell Food Mart
Cash5 $100,000
05/12/2016 Michael Czumalowski
Bridgeport, CT
Motorcade Inc.
30X Cash 3Rd Ed. $30,000
05/12/2016 Kenneth Blue
Manchester, CT
Big Y World Class Mkt#45
Play4 Night $12,500
05/12/2016 Terry Holley
Middletown, CT
Dannys Super Mart
30X Cash 3Rd Ed. $10,000
05/10/2016 Charles Mclean
New Haven, CT
Sams Food Store
New Haven
10X Cash 10Th Ed. $10,000
05/10/2016 Daniel Fedeli
Norwich, CT
Norwich Bowling &Entertainment
30X Cash 3Rd Ed. $30,000
05/10/2016 Franklin Ramirez
Hartford, CT
Congressman Package Store
Play4 Night $43,124
05/09/2016 Michael Mccormack
Stafford Springs, CT
Eagle Mart
Stafford Springs
30X Cash 3Rd Ed. $30,000
05/09/2016 Joan Koosa
Waterbury, CT
Getty Mart Of Waterbury
$200,000 Jackpot $25,000
05/09/2016 Andy Subiono
Salem, CT
Flanders Shell
East Lyme
Lucky Links Night $50,000
05/09/2016 Alex Bowen
Meriden, CT
Food Bag #508
Sapphire 7S $177,777
05/09/2016 Janet Simon
Griswold, CT
Shell Food Mart
Cash5 $50,000
05/09/2016 Sharon Thurow
Sterling, CT
Shell Food Mart
Cash5 $50,000
05/09/2016 Jacoba Melendez Mendoza
Manchester, CT
Fred's Package Store
Keno $10,000
05/09/2016 James Shaham
Stratford, CT
Food Land LLC
5X The Money 8Th Ed. $50,000
05/09/2016 Jay Thaxter
Bristol, CT
Fas Mart #302
Fire And Ice $57,777
05/09/2016 Justo Montoya
Stamford, CT
Corner Wine & Liquor
10X Cash 10Th Ed. $10,000
05/09/2016 Michael Moffa
Danbury, CT
Jm Food & Grocery LLC
30X Cash 3Rd Ed. $10,000
05/06/2016 Frank Covone
Deep River, CT
Centerbrook Food Mart LLC
Run The Table $25,000
05/06/2016 Edwin Figueroa
Tampa, FL
Daybreak Doughnuts
Powerball $50,000
05/05/2016 John Concepcion
New Haven, CT
East Haven Discount Wine & Liquor
East Haven
30X Cash 3Rd Ed. $10,000

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6-Years to the Date, $10,000 Winner Visits Lottery Again
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First-Time Lottery KENO Winner Goes Car Shopping
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Old Lyme Woman Credits ‘Law of Attraction’ for $50,000 Powerball® Win
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Army Reserve Veteran Uses Family Birthday Numbers to Win Powerball® Lottery Prize
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Surprise Lottery Win! Broad Brook Woman Unknowingly Collects $75,000
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New Haven Man’s Special Powerball® Numbers Finally Drawn
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95-Year-Old Grandmother Lands $30,000 Lottery Prize
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